Potts, Minter and Associates, P.C.

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3520 Courthouse Road - Richmond, Va. 23236
Phone (804) 745-2876   Fax (804) 745-9571   Email:   info @ pottsminter. com
Established 1980

Fema Elevation Certificate - Alta Surveys - Subdivision Design - Site Feasibility Studies - Commercial Site Plans - Utility Design - Storm Sewer Design - Zoning Applications - Construction Staking - Mortgage Surveys - Topographic Surveys - Quantity Surveys - Landscaping Plans

   Successful land development projects in today's environment requires a team of dedicated professionals knowledgeable in various engineering and surveying skills to complete a project in a timely cost effective manner. Each phase of a project; planning, zoning, design, and construction requires a coordinated team effort with the capability to provide and communicate concepts and detail to the individuals of various backgrounds involved in land development projects. Potts, Minter and Associates can provide that team.

     Potts, Minter and Associates is a comprehensive team of engineers, surveyors, and land planners with diversified experience in commercial and residential land development projects. Our experience includes design of roads, utilities, storm water management, and erosion and sediment control. Other land development related services include construction monitoring, cost estimating and specification preparation.

     It is our dedication to produce the best possible engineering solution to a client's land development project, competent service, and client satisfaction that gives our firm the reputation associated with our name. From start to finish, the company principals are involved in every engineering project to assure a successful project.


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